Ants, Mice, Stink Bugs, Nothing Stands A Chance

Residential and commercial pest control services are just a click away. Serving all of Cecil County and surrounding areas.

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Ants, Mice, Stink Bugs, Nothing Stands A Chance

Residential and commercial pest control services are just a click away. Serving all of Cecil County and surrounding areas.

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Why Use Our Maryland Pest Control Company?

If bugs, rodents, and insects are roaming around your house, we bet that you have a rough time at home. Not only are pests a nuisance, but they are also disease carriers and a source of embarrassment, especially when you have guests. Despite there being several pest control solutions at stores, most home and business owners either use the wrong fumigants, do not unravel all the breeding places or end up polluting food and water in the course of controlling the pests. It is always good to have pest control dealt with by professional exterminators.

At Firefly Pest Protection, we offer quality pest control services to residential homeowners and commercial customers across Maryland. We serve the areas of Cecil County, Kent County MD, Harford County and the surrounds. We have over a decade of experience and a vast knowledge of various pests and rodent behaviors coupled with experience in dealing with them. Therefore we have the competency to handle any type of pests across our area of service.

Tight Spaces

Pests are a pain to deal with because they spread out and cause problems in all areas of a home. One day you’ll notice that there are pests and that they are causing problems in your home in places you can’t really get to. When you work with a pest control company like ours, we will get rid of pests no matter where they show up in your home. If you want to wage war against pests and cause them to leave you alone, you’re going to want to work with us because we have what it takes to rid your life of troublesome pests.

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Residential Pest Control

It’s no secret that no-one likes pests. After all, they are unhygienic and can lead to a host of diseases and medical problems for your family and pets. They also wreak havoc on the home and can severely damage your house as well as devalue it over time. Besides that, no one wants to see ants, spiders, mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, rats and other creatures in their home.

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Commercial Pest Control

Pests are one of the biggest headaches for most commercial buildings, especially hotels, restaurants, and food depots. However, these establishments can benefit from commercial pest control methods solicited through hiring reputable pest control service providers. In most cases, the pest control specialists will major on three processes

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What Sets Us Apart

Fast Service

We understand the pain and suffering that comes with pest infestation. For that matter, we make haste to deal with the menace before it becomes a nightmare. We are centrally located in Maryland and can access any point in the service area in a few minutes. We have adequate staff members and equipment to handle different pest control assignments at once.

Friendly Service

Our customer care agents are always on hand to assist you with a smile. Our professional exterminators are also ready to answer any question as they work to eliminate the pests. We believe that the customer is king and crown him in all our activities. We ensure you get great value for money.

Competent Service

We have the knowledge and solutions to get rid of pests anywhere in a building. We will eliminate them and help you avoid future infestations. Over the years, we have dealt with the most common pests in our service areas effectively. If you are looking for a Maryland pest control company you can trust, look no further.

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